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    1. with a handle like CockMaster you should know, I’m sure you have all kinds of experience handling cock as the Master of Cock.

    1. yeah, I know its difficult Taliban… but you have to face the facts, your childhood heroes not only did they scream “cowabunga” but they actually took it in the “bunga” 🙁

    1. Then Master Splinter will take out the whip and give you all whatcha deserves… Naughty little turtles… B)

  1. WOW, but you know the only other person there was around was Master Splinter, and nobody would want to suck his..I always knew they were gay.

    1. I’m sure you would be pleased to know they made a movie featuring the turtles from today’s show and the one from the 80’s; this guy is in it as well

  2. this is from an actual video. you should try to find it. this is ten times funnier when you can hear krang say in his whiny krang voice “PUT IT IN MY MOUTH!”

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