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    1. Actually, seeing his footing and how happy the child is only a controlling, over protective and/or non parent would think this isn’t safe. Although I would advise two hands on the childs ankles.

    2. with that money his son will be eating a decent sized chocolate bar or ice cream cone ur a miserable motherfucker

  1. I don’t find it choking, the situation was not dangerous for the kid i think! My father did it with me and i was never worried about it

    1. REALLY????? you’re dad did this to you???… soo first off … you’re telling me more than one person has had this happened to them?? and secondly… you’re telling me that there is a reason to dangling a kid over a .. fountain or whatever that is, filled with dirty ass water??… REALLY??

    2. are you guys serious?! what good hardworking father wouldnt do that? thats free money down there. sheez.. go ahead son get Daddy that nice shiny coin

  2. The stupid little shit probably wanted to touch the water and couldn’t reach. Most likely would have fallen in but instead daddy had the great idea of dangling him by one leg instead of saying, “No that shit’s dirty.”

  3. Oh, check it out, another memorial for Michael Jackson. Apparently someone thought reenacting the “Blanket” scenario was a good idea. Good move.

  4. Now you be good and take that penny for daddy >_>
    to his wife: Sharon, people throw in money in this shit all the time… it’s a goldmine -_-
    some people are really convinced about their own stupidity…

  5. i would really like to fricking punch this kids dad in the face and say, if your going to do something stupid at least make it worth while! }: D

  6. Okay I think the general public takes shit way too far…You have no Idea WTF happened here. Maybe the kid dropped his 1 and only epinephrine pen and is now having an allergic reaction and this is how the father is saving his life!!!! Okay maybe not but you still have no idea what is going on. Stop being so damn judgmental

  7. I think it’s just a water fountain and the kid is steeling the coins in the water.
    + In a zoo they don’t put alligators in such undeep water and they would definitely put a fence around it.

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