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  1. Anyone who has ever fought (or watched UFC 1) knows that big guys are slower, and tire easily. my money is on the tiny guy.

    1. I think it`s k1, you only have a minimum weight for the highest class. I think this is dutchman Peter ‘the lumberjack’ Aerts…legend in Japan and in the k1

  2. Look at the big guy’s forehead…… I think he may be a modern-day Australopithecus. Beast from the East, that’s for sure.

  3. The only reason why the big guy wouldn’t win is because he’s not allowed to pick the little guy up and throw him head first into a wall lol.

  4. look cuntheads no1 nos ne fink boutt dis shit rite ere so u dnt no wot ur evn sayin. stp ritin shit n go ome to pakistani or wereva u live…retards

  5. Since when is the HULK not green??? When did this happen?? And hes all hairy and, wait… wait oh shit! thats a human! What the hell?!

  6. I watched this match, the little guy won, but only because he had a high hit percentage while the other fucked him up but missed a lot.

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