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    1. I remember this, there is a spot here where you can slide through the ground and into a secret zone. I remember it in a cheat book years ago. Actually this is not a fail. If you have this game and know where to enter secret zone it’s a WIN.

    2. Well, I guess enough people wanted a cheat book that the publisher felt compelled to publish it.
      Capitalism win for them/fail for you.

    1. Now rule one -- get your cash on, M.O.B. That's Money Over Bitches, cause they breed envy Now rule two is a hard one, watch for phonies Keep yo', enemies close nigga, watch yo' homies says:

      Watch mario struggle and judge him in the end.

  1. There is always a chance to get out of a fail. In this case Mario should run towards the wall on the right and then diagonally jump and hit the ?box while the Jumba is beneath thus allowing him to stomp his opponent and free himself. Thoughts?

    1. Rofl…OP you are accustomed to fail enough to figure a way out…grats. u win at life.

    2. Duck, then jump and hit the ?. But the other two will just finish him off. Where is that fucking flower when you need one.

    3. He has to hit the question mark block and hope the mushroom goes left instead of right. If the mushroom reaches him in time, he’ll grow and be able to smashie the blocks above his head. If it’s a 1UP, he’s screwed, but can play again.

    4. @bugga: been awhile since you played…thos blocks cant be smashed. @LOLZ: flowers grow out the top. you still fail. @maybe: its a goomba not a jumba

    5. well i think its all great advice…providing he still got the game on pause and is still awaiting a viable answer to this predicament 2 years later!!!

    1. How can you be a Mario freak and not know the difference between a koopa and a goomba. you fail

    1. @Gruesome

      There are no Koopas in this picture…


      You fail spell, it’s spelled *turtles*.

  2. At that moment you stare at the screen trying to figure a way out, then you put down the controller and await the pwnage. Too bad Mario couldn’t punch on that game lol

  3. What makes you think the goombah has bad intentions – he may be coming over to pay back Mario for a past debt with some gold coins… poor goombah’s a victim of profiling

  4. maybe if mario had a speed mushroom before that he could run and right when the muffin thing goes to the very left he could free himself OOOoooOOOO but probably not…

    1. Well, if in fact, the muffin thing is heading to the left, which it is not. If it was, how did Mario end up on the right of muffie?!! You fail.

  5. you hit the box on the wrong side. had it been hit on the right it would have when left. but either way he’s trapped he’s going to die.

  6. I say he just runs into the goomba and gets it over with. There’s no turning back when you fail. On to the next one…

  7. I savour, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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