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  1. assuming it’s even true…lol. The american government have always been masters of propaganda but hey, anything is possible.

    1. damn site…I hit reply to a specific post and it still throws it to the end some times. this was replying to “Loopyloo” and “Obama sux”

  2. I am not a fan of President Obama but really people? I agree with you CJAC5 as far as expecting racist remarks. I am a white guy but my dislike for the president is due to his policies — he seems like he is a nice guy. I could care less about his color. I shouldn’t be surprised by the ignorance of some people but I am a little bit to think that in 2011 this ignorance is still out there (maybe that makes me somewhat ignorant myself on this issue). Dislike him for his policies NOT because of the color of his skin.

  3. Who likes fried chicken….

    Black people….

    You know who else likes fried chicken….


    Obama getting on the side of his constituents… Obviously since he eats fried chicken he’s just an average guy fighting crime and common sense one day at a time…

  4. how is this a fail? every race eats fried chicken. when u get a pick of him drinking kool aid, then we’ll talk about fail…

  5. hes not white or black hes muslim pretending to be black and he hates the chicken… proof hes not black look at the face hes makin

  6. Nothing says I’m president bitch better than some crack and fried chicken with the I don’t give a fuck what you think face

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