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  1. Do none of you know how the government works? THe president doesnt have that much power… He/she can say what ever the fuck he/she wants… What it comes down to is what the House and Congress wants… WE want to fix America we have to take power back as citizens and stop letting the wall street and money run the country…

    1. It’s photoshopped. Look at the bottom of the reciever where the wire should be. See how it’s blurry? Funny, but not real.

  2. Nothing like good ol’ picture doctoring. Seriously people, Photoshopped pictures only “prove” what you’ve decided you want to believe. You’re no better than the racist morons posting on the previous post about Obama.

  3. And then there’s Obama – “the smartest man with the highest IQ ever to be elected to the presidency.” Yeah riiiiight.

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