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  1. What’s funny is the moron that posted this as a “productivity fail”…for a few reasons:
    1) Irony – You searched for pics to post on here and make fun of – CLEARLY you’re doing the lords work, buddy. Way to make a difference.
    2) Obvious troll is obvious – CLEARLY snow days would be better spent driving long distances and performing well at the, no doubt, closed schools.
    3) Jealousy – You only have “talent” for taking the pictures posted by others and tagging them with a generic format template “*insert BLAH BLAH here* FAIL.”
    4) Failure to relate – The child huddled in the background is doing something outside of your scope of abilities as a child, and apparently as an adult.. anything beyond eating paste, jerking off, or (yes I get the hipocrisy) trolling is mind blowing and alien to you.
    That is all, enjoy your day.

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