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  1. oh man the sound the machine made cuz he didnt make it makes this all the better. Thats what he gets for wearin clam diggers

  2. wth game is that? rofl hit a rubber mat with a rubber mallet? that totally sounds like it wouldn’t bounce back and knock the shit out of you. lol. great FAIL

    1. its called high striker or at lest thats what they call it in universal Florida over by the jaws ride. getting hit with thim hammers is not fun ether i got hit in the leg running that game and it hurt.

  3. …and that’s the day Karen dumped me. Whah-wahhhh.

    I really feel bad for guys who come across this at their local carnival / fair. It’s The Masculinity Test and if you’re with a girl who wants you to try it…. this can happen.

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