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  1. LOLOLOLOL!!!! OMG HAHAHHAAH that happened to me before!!!!!!!! The frozen pizza had been sitting out for awhile so it was “melted,” I guess… So when I put it in the stove, it started dripping like that!!! And I didn’t notice til the smell of burning was clogging up the apt cause it was a self clean stove or whatever so all the stuff dripping was burning away! Lol I freaked out and started like scooping the dripping pizza before the fire alarm went off! What a waste of a freaking pizza!!

    1. Marius, you’re supposed to cook a frozen pizza on the rack. You’re just not supposed to thaw it first! Are you a special person?

    2. I heat pizzas like that and never melted. O.o


      oh.. and PIZZA FAIL q:

    1. Most of those tell you to place the pizza directly on the rack, just as the pic shows…its because he/she probly let it defrost before cooking….

  2. It is just because the pizza is not frozen and the dough was soft that is why it would go through the rack like that. Why are people so stupid and why do they take a picture of how stupid they are.

    1. Anti-Nationialism isn’t racism, dumb yank.
      Next time try using “discrimination”, the proper word.

  3. That’s exactly what happened to me and my cousin before haha.
    The box said in the directions FOR CRISPIER CRUST USE WITHOUT TRAY.

    1. Thats why you use common sense. Or you can just hope this doesn’t happen and enjoy your crispier crust in melted pieces. either way.

  4. Frozen pizzas should be cooked frozen, there are words on the back or side of the box that when put together creat sentences, these sentences are then compiled in an order that should end up as instructions, unless you’ve been drinking, then anything is possible. 🙂

  5. it shoud be done now!!!!!!!!!! lol!!! it’s still eat biull!!!! that one ‘a’ tatsey pie!!!!!!!!! lol

  6. My friend did that he said his brother ticked him off so when he put the pizza in there he forgot about the tray and when he came back he had to clean it up but not before taking a picture to show me he told me he might post it on this website.

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