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    1. I’de have thought after the first time it happened they may think twice before letting it happen again…

    1. Uh… That was the announcer. The guy in the background said “That happened yesterday too.” I think those two quotes are almost funnier than the actual collision.

  1. hahahaha oh fuck! that was awesome!!! the catcher had the best view! i would have laughed my ass off if it was me

  2. Holy crap!!!! 60 to 0 instantly and they both fell out!!! When this started i thought for sure the pitcher was gonna bean one of them with the ball at homeplate but that was awesome. The catcher was like OH SHIT!!! Its a tie!!! that is crazy as hell!! But i could see my son doing that lol!!

  3. WUTS EVEN MORE FUNNY IS THE PITCHER WATCHED THEM BOTH COMING AND SMASHING INTO EACH OTHER…if u ask me he was wanting it to happen mwhahaha evil fuk

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