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    1. He meant that rap literally rapes music. That wasn’t a typo. Pay attention, Jordyn.

    2. @ why not if you’re going to comment on a spelling typo you should first learn to spell before you put someone else down for it. It is spelled pedophile’s not petiphiles. Fuck wad.

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t even notice that. I guess when rap is mentioned, my expectations across the board are lowered.

    1. what’s worse the racist people on this site (like me ) or the white faggot shit about to get killed by bullets and fire…trick question

  1. whats wrong with a lil rape Q&A?
    i think the “would you be willing to learn” question should have come after it though…

    1. And rock could be construed as a bunch of high voiced douches screaming inaudibly at the top of there lungs to random guitar riffs but thats just my opinion 🙂

    1. There is no such thing as “black people”.
      Yes, you can be black; yes you can be a person, but you can’t be both at the same time.

  2. So, if this is an application for “rappers” as they call themselves, they won’t notice anyway… Ha! Dumbasses!

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