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    1. i think that theese girls are all ugly … u shoud come here in Bulgaria it may be 1 of the shittiest countries in the world but we have the prettiest girls in the world aswell!!

    2. agree with Fuckmook. In other words: I am way beyond 15 and i’d do those girls. Woman can get baby`s at that age so it`s nature making every man wanting to have sex with those girls. I`m not even ashamed by it…whahahahaha

    3. they might b 14, but im 15 and have nuthing better to do in my orcal class, i love slaking 😀

    4. yea i have to admit they do but still why did that fat chick have to ruin a good pic for lonly guys like i used to be to pleaseure themselves to lol jk u guys might do that but i dont

    5. Roxas, it’s obviously clear your a chronic masturbater just because of the comment you left. There is also the all black chornic masturbaters trench coat you walk around in with the white stains in it.

    1. can´t understand how offending the most of you speak about fat people.but espacially because the whole word knows americans are the fatest fatty mc fat fats the world ever seen.

    2. true hoden, see but i dont have sympathy for fat people because i used to be there at one point. its that fat bitches fault she cant control her fatass from over stuffing her mouth everytime she eats! which would help her fit in. so i ask u do u get offended because your a fatass as well?!

  1. (the horror ledgend bloody mary. u can see her if you say bloody mary infront of a reflecting object) This is fat mary if u say fat mar fat mary fat mar u will become fat..(if you look at her after that)

    1. They look of age to me. AT least 18. They surely aren’t 12 or 14 like someone else said. I have nieces who are 14, they look MUCH MUCH younger than these girls.

    2. I want to bang all 4 of them at the same time!!! OH SHITT my gf should join in! im 13 but so what

    1. can you then be so kind as to end the confusion over age so I can crack one off guilt free?

  2. They’ll look her soon enough – after they get knocked up, their baby daddy leaves them and they sit and gorge while on unemployment… says Bertha, looming in the darkness.

    1. Meanwhile the girl in the doorway goes on Biggest Loser loses 200lbs and wins a million dollars. WIN!

  3. the fatty is just looming in the doorway… she’s probably wishing she had a body instead of five thousand layers of flab.
    Just so you know I am a canadian. and i am not obese. so suck it. XD

  4. This was the last time these girls were seen alive. Shortly after the picture was taken the mammoth in the doorway ate them.

  5. Hey! This is not a fail! It’s a horror movie: the least ugly people from uglyland are trying to win a cheerleader contest. After one rehearsal, a ghost appears, a big fat ass ghost who is going to kill them.

  6. did anyone else have the saying “get in my belly” pop into your head when you seen the fat chick in the doorway?

    1. @ DildoDouchBag: don’t be actin like you don’t suck…ur comments in older fails sucked and ur not funny…YOU need to gtfo epicfail you god damn fail!!!!!!!

  7. this is not a TOTAL fail.. at least the fat girl knew better than to have her fat ass bent over with the skinny girls. Hell, her ass probably would have tried to eat the smaller girls

  8. Yes clearly the fully clothed woman in the doorway is the fail. Not the sluts taking pictures of their asses in the mirror like clear winners….

    1. Cam whoring. *Throwup* I most definitely have more respect for the girl in the doorway than these skanks.

  9. If I were them, I’d make sure my mom doesn’t come home too early (or at least that she’s not in the doorway!!) to take group pictures like that XD

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