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    1. i think that theese girls are all ugly … u shoud come here in Bulgaria it may be 1 of the shittiest countries in the world but we have the prettiest girls in the world aswell!!

    2. agree with Fuckmook. In other words: I am way beyond 15 and i’d do those girls. Woman can get baby`s at that age so it`s nature making every man wanting to have sex with those girls. I`m not even ashamed by it…whahahahaha

    3. they might b 14, but im 15 and have nuthing better to do in my orcal class, i love slaking 😀

    4. yea i have to admit they do but still why did that fat chick have to ruin a good pic for lonly guys like i used to be to pleaseure themselves to lol jk u guys might do that but i dont

    5. Roxas, it’s obviously clear your a chronic masturbater just because of the comment you left. There is also the all black chornic masturbaters trench coat you walk around in with the white stains in it.