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  1. Also, if I was a cop and someone was refusing to get out of the car, tazing them doesnt sound like too bad of an idea. But I feel like a “I’m about to taze the shit out of you” would have been nice

  2. When a police officer askes you nicely to remove yourself from a vehicle its generally a good idea to vacant the car. This dude is a jerk. That officer is doing his job. You don’t get to tell a police officer what to do smartass.

  3. I love the face the cop makes right before he shoots his ass! rofl!!! either way it seems a little excessive im sure with the right attitude that cop couldve easily made that “kid” come out

    1. LOL exactly what I thought too. HAHAHAHA the guys face is like HAHA SUCKER HERE IS MY ANSWER!!! OWNED!!!

  4. This is disgusting. I want to see that cops hands and feet cut off, then cauterized so that he wont bleed to death. Then I want to stuff him into a crash test car and crash it into a wall over and over again until he’s begging for death. Run around with a badge and a gun and they goddamn fuck with everyone. Enforce rules made by fools. . . violence and fear are their tools. Welcome to the future of America. The police state.

    1. Hmmm yes police officers are assholes for doing their job which they are underpaid for a frustrating duty to deal with “innocent” people who won’t dare have the cop have it easy, nope instead they are practically being begged to be tased and arrested just to later try to make a court case over “excessive force” and how they were physically and emotionally scarred from the “unnecessary assault” for an “unreasonable” charge

  5. I remember this guy. He is well know for video taping border patrol stops and making a scene and getting away with the “am I under arrest” tactic. It worked for a while. Then the police got smarter and uses “the dog says to search your car” excuse and he failed to obey a lawful request to exit his car. Hence the BIG smile on police’s face.

  6. Oh, I forget to say I was hysterical when he asked the officer to bring the dog back and lets ask that damn lying dog if it really, really smelled something in his car… LOL. He even video taped himself calling the office a liar!!

  7. Not actually knowing legal acts, messing “being stopped & checked” with “arrested”, but still arguing with officers… EPIC FAIL!
    It’s even MORE epic if he himself placed this on internetZ to demonstrate his own stupidity. 8D

  8. Police brutality and lying, plain and simple. The police have rules, regulations, policy, and the law to follow as well. The man in the car did everything within his God and government given rights, and politely asking for a second check from the K-9 unit, but the officers refused. The officers were obviously lying. I had two officers pull me over several months back, trying to get me for drunk driving. I hadn’t drank a drop of anything alcoholic or swerved an inch and had been doing precisely the posted speed limit. They had me do a roadside sobriety test. I have naturally bad balance, so I failed. They tried to arrest me, but I know my rights and requested a breathalyzer test, which they are required by law to administer if requested. I blew 0.00% twice and they had to send me on my way, although they weren’t happy about it.

  9. A couple of weeks ago a Police Officer changed lanes on top of my car smashing the back end of his cruiser into the front of my car. He then proceeded to turn on his lights and ticket ME for improper lane change, and reckless driving. I was irate. On top of that i had absolutly no way of proving my innocence. As I prepared for court it really became evident to me that innocent till proven guilty is Bullshit. It my word against his and why wouldnt the state appointed judge believe his fellow state appoint law enforcement officer. Especially since 90% of everyone in court lies to try and get out of a ticket. I sat in court while the judge and I listen to him tell his elaberatly fabricated story. the Judge nodded her understanding as he explained how I crashed into his cruiser. After his sworn testimony in a wierd and wonderful twist of ironicly poetic justic the judge spoke up. Apperantly the judge just happened to have been two cars behind me and had witnessed the intire event. 🙂 I’ve never felt so vindicated, I nearly fell over laughing.

  10. This was a WIN… It should be noted that he was found not guilty of all charges and after his trial a jury member actually shook his hand and thanked him for standing up for OUR constitutional rights. Something that is not easy to do.

    It is unfortunate that our law enforcement officers know next to nothing about the law they are supposed to enforce.

  11. this guy is just straight up stupid. All this cop hate- its their job to keep people from doing stupid things that endanger themselves and/or others. i.e. being overly stupid. this guy deserved what he got, wish they legally coulda done more cuz this guy needs as much ‘learning experience’ that he can get

    1. your abolutly right, i mean gosh! people who are given power over others never ever abuse that power! why, how absurd to even uggust such a thing! he had every right to know if he was being placed under arret, he had every right to ask for a econd check from the dog, i bet the cops ended up paying him back for the window, and the humiliation, (not forgetting the tazer burn).

  12. the WIN was hearing his smarmy ass screeching like a lil bitch
    I dont like cops either–but fuck dude–obey them and you dont get tazed–endy story

  13. I love how cops always have the logic: “you have to do it because I said so.” It’s because they’re all from authoritarian and imbecilic blue collar families in which the patriarch has unquestioned authority. I wish all these sorts of people would die, and that good people with a respect for the law and the preservation of the peace would replace them as cops. That’s going to happen, however, because most of these primate pieces of shit reproduce pretty consistently.

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