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    1. i agree with you there..
      i have no problem with bungee jumping nor fear of heights..
      but what i do human idiocy..

    1. Depends on how high you jump from. Sometimes water can feel just like concrete especially if you hit it face first.

    2. It can also blast into your anal cavity and blow out your insides if you’re unlucky. Such fun to be had at the seaside.

  1. Had that happen to me once, not as bad as that though. The guy manning the thing just wanted to dunk my head in the water but had the rope set for my lighter friend who was up next. My whole body went in the water, but they winched me back out. It wouldn’t have been so bad but I was at Amsterdam and had just had a tab of acid and a couple of spliffs. You’d think that would be the worst trip ever, but I loved it 🙂

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