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    1. actually this is no laughing matter, this is the way my grandmother died back in mexico in the first all womens baseball team…. lol… seriously though I hope that pitchers alright. not a fail but a very common baseball injury that can definitely f you up

  1. How is this a “Fail”??? No one failed at anything. Hard hit. decent pitch. so what it hit him in the head.

  2. This isn’t a fail or funny. People have died like this before. If you think thats funny, you’re a fucking retard. Karma’s a bitch too wait until that shit happens to someone you love

    1. there is no wood in a baseball the core is a small compact rubber ball surrounded by very compacted string.

  3. dude i dont think this is a fail at all…i had the same thing happen to a pitcher when i hit the ball…i gave him a severe concussion…i felt really fucking bad and went to visit him at the hospital to say sry and first thing he says is its all right its not ur fault…XD

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