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    1. yeah man that does and the scary thing about it is that i was playing silent hill when my friend showed me this and i fucking screamed

  1. When you want something as serious and as a tattoo of the photographed image of a loved one permanently inked into your skin, do your damn homework first.

    Not every tattoo artist is capable of such work: You can’t expect to stroll into just any tattoo parlor and expect the kind of talent necessary for this. Make sure to research these things, people! There are websites that will refer you to the proper artist for the job.

    1. …The people who get these kind of tattoos aren’t smart enough to even think to do research.

  2. isnt the tattoo artist supposed to put a trace of the tattoo on the person and get the okay before actually tattooing? ….that is what they do on tv LOL

    1. Yeah, they are! They all do. I have a bunch of tattoos and they all look like the initial stencil the artist slaps on you.

      Aïe aïe aïe….

  3. wtf happened
    its fine on the right half
    then it looks like an ogre child on the left
    did the professional tattoo artist let the new guy do the last half cuz he got tired or something???

  4. Lol gas to pay for trip to tattoo artist = $10
    Session sit down to discuss tattoo and get plans = $10
    Remembering for the rest of your life that your kid looks like it’s from “The Hills Have Eyes” = Priceless.

  5. To me it’s just a double fail… how can you just tattoo a PICTURE of your kid on your chest ? This dude has to be a redneck or somethin.

  6. I think , thats because picture was made right after someone made this tatoo that’s why her face (tatoo) it’s like burned or something like this .
    Maybe after week or two tatoo looks good.
    This guy should take another picture

  7. this is the fouth time i see a tatoo like this, good god do they not look at the drawing before permanently burning it onto there body???some tatoo artist should really know there limits. i do portraits of people so that to me its just so unprofessional and neglegent. Seriously if they have a picture done of someone at least do them some justice.

  8. I don’t think tattoos hurt that much, but I have to admit I had never done one on my ribs. So I guess other people must know it better.

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