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  1. if it truely is a “plant” sale, then why is it spelt “piant”? im assuming that since every other letter is capitalized, that the second letter is as well.. making it a “piant” sale… and yeah… either way, use caution when considering this sale… whatever it is that is for sale

  2. MY GUESS: When the sign was posted the plants were alive and flourishing. The seller even had a rare Druidian Orchid. This flower is so costly that the aforementioned vendor attracted many potential clients. Unfortunately, this plant bears a striking resemblance to the popular Cannabis Sativa plant. Since (as it is clearly obvious) this unfortunate person lives in the ghetto, he was robbed and murdered by a local 13 year old African-American girl who was trying to impress her pimp. The caution tape is actually from the resulting homicide investigation. Since the crime was in the ghetto the cops felt it was unnecessary to waste the more expensive “Police Line Do Not Cross” tape. Since, A: who the fuck cares; and B: nobody in the ghetto pays attentions to that shit anyway. After a full 47 minutes the police force deemed the crime unsolvable. It is now buried in the “Cold Case Archives.” Also of note is that the Druidian Orchid is highly poisonous. The 13 year old prostitute and her pimp later dried and smoked the plant expecting a nice mellow buzz. Instead, they immediately went into violent convulsions and projectile diarrhea. They died within minutes. The Caution tape was soon torn down so the other local hoodrats could steal the various other items in the house: welfare checks, Hummel figurines, chicken fryer, watermelon baller, Soul-Glo, and an opened box of NADS Hair Removal System. Since the other plants had no illicit value they were neglected and quickly died.


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