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  1. heres the list of things i was staring at this whole vid :/
    his giant ass hat
    his eyebrows
    creepy nonblinking eyes
    his mouth *shiver*
    basically his everything DX

    i tried looking away…. but i couldnt

  2. You can not sing and that is not even raping my friend eric raps so much better, hell would frize over before you can sing as good as him you just made yourself look bad and we did’nt won’t to see your teeth and back the hell away from the video recorder.

  3. boi U CAN NOT SING. u freakin suck.. my friend wayne can rap but u boi u can not that was horrible i thought my ears were going to fall off. ur teeth is horrible to theres such thing called a dentist u know..and im gunna be nice and say plz quit singing or rarpin or watt eva u were trying to do.. cause thats how u make old people have heart attacks.. and thats me bein nice..oh wait im not a very nice person so yeah i did mean it in a mean way..haha..peace

  4. Hey u where horrible man was going to turn it off but it was so fuuny i cound’nt and i know someone thats like 10 years old who raps better then u, you look like your about 15+16 mean a kid is better then you so stop singing and get a f***ing life cause that was a disace to rap music or any kind of muaic so yea who ever u r. and man u have like 300 and some comments about you and everyone else has like 20 or 30 so that is a sign to stop and if i was u i would take this video off of here

  5. what a wanna be fucking homo! i hate white guys trying to be black or gangsta such a fucking loser this guy is! i thought canada had free health care, obviously that doesnt cover dental cause this douche looks like he’s been hitting the meth pipe pretty hard! what a fucking tool! ha ha ha! makes me glad im not him!

  6. this kid needs to learn, what a dentist is.. and what a razor is, so he can shave the pubes off of his chin, he has THE WORST vocabulary ive ever heard lol, makes 50 cent sound intelligent

  7. he looks and acts like one of those mutants from the hills has eyes, this is what you call a inbreed retard that needs a bullet!

  8. The funny thing is that i’d bet he thinks he will be some big rapper someday. Then again, looking at the rappers of today, I guess it’s a possible dream!

  9. Look ut muh fucked up teef rappin bout muh money but i recorded on webcam over beats playin the speekers muh mom is a big fat tweaka

  10. G*damn!! I he sets new LOW standards for the modern day “wigger!” There’s nothing more embarrassing, sad and pathetic than persons whom are so self delusional and so lacking the courage, will and self confidence to be themselves! That’s why “rap” is now considered the same as boy/girl teeny pop bands…Everything today is cookie cutter made and unoriginal to say the least! And this mutant disturbed boy is the net results of the phony world and lifestyle of this genre of music. Maybe we should just take up a collection and have him shot for the good of the world??

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