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  1. the only reason this is fail is because they spelled “dimension” wrong. what exactly is photoshopped in this picture? it’s not fake. the real fail goes to the person who put this pic up.

    1. hmmmm, i thought the fail was the way that ready “Big or small we lay them all” but then again my mind is always in the gutter…

  2. due to the location of the FAIL, I’d say its the ‘… we lay them all’ slogan. They most likely purposely spelled dimension wrong. Its a common practice.

    1. for what? not getting customers? im not sure id want people working on my house if they cant spell “dimensions.”

  3. Its at least half real…I called the number, right on the voicemail it says “Youve reached Earl [last name] with New Dimention Flooring…”

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