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    1. dudes….as a guy who threw out his knee by 85 degrees once…it hurts….so im suprised he isnt dead by sheer pain…..

    2. Oh that hurt? Gee thanks for pointing that out. I couldn’t figure out the fail until you clued me in on the pain he must be feeling.

    1. Vassie you just had a comment fail, p10x do not try at all next time, you wish you did it for teh lulz, but you are not haxors enough to try, what an epic fail on your behalf

  1. This looks like it could be fake , look at the foot.The heel is pointing up the same way it would when the knee bends in the right direction.I may be wrong but i think its fake.

    1. Or he can have his entire body crushed by the weight of the other guy bending his knee and entire spine sideways… Nice…

    2. id say his thigh broke and his whole leg rotated around cause yeah the fots normal but the pads are in the right places… idk but if its real… damn, that hurt.

    3. this is not fake. it was so catastrophic he almost lost his leg and was never suposed to regain use of it. he has almost made a full recovery.

  2. At first glance, it looks nasty.
    But then, if you study it, you’ll see that the upper hemisphere of his body is twisted. And to Kara, very well done.

    1. ya, i bend my leg like that all the time, it’s a good stretch, everyone should try it. starting with the gullible.

  3. you can’t say its fake because all the pads are in the right place and you can’t twist your back around……willingly…

  4. No, no, his back isn’t twisted at all, think of him mid-doggie style sex and now wrench his shin around at such a velocity that it’s completely turned around..

    The front of his shins is now the back..

  5. He shattered his knee cap probably this happened to a kid on my high school football team. It took him like 8 surgeries to get over it. He had to get a replacement/fake kneecap and they had to remove all the bone fragments. Very painful and very debilitating

    1. His helmet isn’t on backwards. It would be impossible to play football with your helmet on backwards, because then you wouldn’t be able to see anything. Little do you know, he just screwed his leg on wrong when he woke up…

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