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    1. gotta wonder about the timing of the photo
      seems they were waiting with the camera focused on that one particular spot–setup?

    1. how you gonna call someone a dumbass for falling over on a bike? it must have happened to all of us at some point.

    2. i must admit i have had my fare share of biking bananzers. in public mite i add in a bitter and twisted resentfull shame… DAMN you world and your laghfter

    3. yeah the big fails, that bike is a super expensive limited edition cannondale. . . sad that this dumbass gets to ride it, and the fact that they crashed because they wwere holding up an umbrella . . .

  1. There was an animated gif of this floating around about 6 years ago, it looked like he hit a pothole he couldn’t see because of the flooded street. It’s only 3 or 4 frames, but it looks so much more painful than this single.

  2. I think you are all wrong! this is a shot after the cyclist was taken down with a high powered rifle for carrying that umbrella in public!

  3. darn vampire bike riders not getting in before sunup and bursting into a flaming ball of ash, what a distraction. probably caused a wreck.

  4. To think this person was kind enough to ‘save mother earth’ by riding a bike in the rain, reducing their carbon footprint and making plants happy everywhere. Too bad mother earth is such a bitch and didnt soften the blow when they wrecked. That’ll learn ya.

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