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    1. The same person who edits your spelling 🙂 and why is this a fail??? I’d be proud to have a grampy who tastes like Berries

  1. Yeah, everyone knows, it should be tastes like gradma’s homemade jam, but it doesn’t look like 😀

  2. i cried when i saw this i was laughing that hard i dont know what it was about it but all i know is that it was hilarious

  3. I can’t stop laughing….but SERIOUSLY? I wish my grandma tasted like cookies….then she’d taste as good as her cooking….oh wait that was a horrible joke….hmmm….nupe. got nuthin…

  4. I love when companies make mistakes, and then the employees let them go out! It speaks of “Take that asswipes, for not giving me a raise!”

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