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  1. Oh. My. God. What a dumbass. Is this person for real? I think it’s joke anyway. But if this for real then Oh. My. God.

  2. Wow. People really can’t tell when people do things for a reaction. This is why Andy Kaufman will forever be a genius, and why humanity is doomed.

    1. wow OK… Rikki thanx for the inspirational insight now I’ll let you get back to your world of yesteryear in your super bitchin Delorean say Hi to the gang for me Thanx bub

    2. LMAO @ senor! Thats some funny shit! But did you guys read the other comment from Uriel A? What the hell is he talking about?!?!?!

    1. you are a pathetic peice of shit, do you really say things like that too people. you dont know what she looks like but because your ugly ass wont give a shit you think its fun to poke fun around her not having a father. wow.

  3. wow wtf is wrong with people. her father getting in the way of his plans of introducing her to anal… 1 what a jack ass for making suck a joke if it is a joke and 2 he does not deserve to be ion any relationship what so ever

    1. Yo dude…that aint true…i mean i am a sensitive guy 🙂 plus i’m in a fantastic relationship : D

    1. Actually its not totally illegal…only if she lives in the U.S if she lives in denmark then its perfectly legal…though i dont think so…but i agree 15 and anal…no god no that doesnt fit together…. It’s kinda sick

      PS: yes it is legal to have sex at the age of 15 in denmark…though you are not allowed to have a lover that is too high above your age…i think its 20 and over

  4. Whoa – you’re right. These people totally failed to be helpful. The fact is that this guy should be embracing her emoness – emo girls lack the self esteem to say no to things like anal. She’ll probably even go ass to mouth.

  5. If you want to introduce your chick to anal just do what I did…talk about it enough that she gets sick of it and caves in. Then hit it raw dog and make her tell you what a dirty whore she is. I did feel bad when we got done and she was on the toilet shitting out my cum and said I made her bleed. I have no idea why we are now broken up.


    1. PLUS.. if my girl friends dad just died….(except my PREVIOUS one) i would try to confort her and hold her and tell her i love her and that ill always be there for her.. not try to fuck her and kick her out of my house for being emo…..#1: my parents wont let me have a girl over( my REAL dad would) & #2: im emo my SELF!

  6. so fake, but if it is real and this guys girlfriend actually comes back to this dumbf@#k its like a domestic just waiting to happen

  7. let me guess, the guy who wrote that drives a honda civic with a coffee can and an ironing board on the back and thinks that stickers makes his stock(ish) car go fast

    1. The newly-wedded Asians will be pissed when they’re rice supply is empty cause of their frikkin Hondas….shame…:\

  8. well there really are guys like that soooo, it could very easily be true but i sure hope this girl never went back to him

  9. This is the smartest fifteen year old I have ever met…

    He may not know how to handle the situation, but the fact he understands a situation exists… I hope my kid is this awesome one day.

  10. Best use of yahoo questions ever! These comments are even funnier than the question. What a bunch of fucktards to think this real. 15 years old and living at her boyfriend’s house- hats off to feeling5 for making my day

  11. Doesn’t this kid realize that the very fact of her being emotionally distraught basically guarantees his success in pluggin her booty hole? Should have played the sympathy card, he woulda got some anal that night….(For those too stupid to realise it, this is a joke.)

  12. Come on man! Her dad’s just died. You can wait at least more than a week to ask her to stick a dildo up your ass, surely?

  13. My answer for that guy would be, let your girlfriend kill your parents and then introduce you to anal. 😀 That will fix everything

  14. @MorphiiiNe “WHY SO SRS?” Wow, Really?! Seems like your the retarded one. You can’t even type out “Serious”. Idiot.

  15. Am i really the only one who wants to raise the point on the fact that shes getting kicked out of her boyfriends house, when shes only 15?!

  16. If this is not a joke, and people like this selfish teenage boy exist , then I don’t want to be part of Planet Earth anymore.

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