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    1. lmao – honest effort ><
      Who does this? You'd rather have your neighbor banging your wife than going to a clinic?

    1. Its horrible down here ;(, all that booze, all those sexy women that we MUST rape for a living (it pays well though), endless doughnuts, money and power…

      NO really, its hell down here.

    1. The intended target would not be another man’s asshole, so what would you contribute to this situation?

  1. Man I was SO expecting Cock Master to post a comment here….after seeing him do it on every OTHER post…quite honestly I’m happy about not finding him here. It made my day! 😀

  2. It’s not a FAIL, it’s just sad!
    Once again proof how fast you can get into serious emotional problems if you only see the money. Ridiculous few money in this case…these folks are just stupid!
    Never ever mess with parenthood: that will lead in return to emotional, financial and legal stress if not thought through properly and legally secured with contracts of any kinds that might sort out any thinkable problems to come.

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