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    1. wait.. why’s that a fail? well thats one way of getting those storm windows to come down

  1. rofl, i almost thought it might come down and hit the lady with the camera until i saw which way he was cutting it from. amateurs make the best FAILS

    1. the front cut was o.k. he made the back cut way to low, so the weight carried the thing in the opposite direction. Good job dude.

    2. yeah. he cut the V on the front side, but it was far too shallow, his back cut was low and he didn’t tie off a tag line with a spotter to direct the tree. He learned that the hard way. Hope he didn’t do the repairs on the house too :p

    1. Man: “NOOOOO!”

      Tree: “Oh, im sorry, would you like me to fall the other way? Damn im sorry, maybe next time.”

  2. I bet shes gonna bitch the whole time summer comes around. “Well we would have more places to sit in the shade but someone decided to cut the tree by the house!”

  3. Your suppose to chain it to the opposite ground and then cut a wedge from that same side then cunt it from behind YOU JACK ASS!!!!!! lol

  4. “Yeah sure hunny, you can lumberjack the tree out side our cabaña, it will be cheaper than hire some one profesional” EPIC FAIL

  5. Is it possible for someone to be so fucking stupid that they would cut into the tree on the side facing the house? I’ve never cut a tree down and I know this. This is so dumbfounding that it makes me want to think this is set-up.

  6. wow okay i seen that coming but then the lady behind the camera was like “that was not good at all” Nah duh dipshit!

  7. He was on the right track, but he cut the front wedge out too deep and shouldve used rope just in case wow what an epicfail i wonder how much they saved doing it themselves

  8. where’s superman when you need him ? She yelled for a second then realized there was nothing he could do. She said “we” boy they dont make women like that anymore

  9. i love how the saw kept cutting off when he was about to f*up but after the tree “fail” (fell), and hes standing there looking stupid the saw is still running

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