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    1. Wtf is DUCK tape? Tape that shits out of a ducks ass? It’s DUCT tape. Duck Tape + Lame comment + mispelling DUCT = FAIL

    2. wtf, you’re an idiot… name brand DUCK tape… theres even a little cartoon duck inside the spool of the duct tape… its a play on the item used cleverly as a marketing tool. MAN some of you people are retards.

    3. It’s fails within fails.
      dmcfan probably ment to say duct tape
      wtf didnt know there was a brand of duct tape called Duck Tape

    4. Duck tape may be a brand of Duct tape. But unless dmcfan actually knows for sure that that’s the specific brand being used in the pic, he’s a huge fucking douche bag and should keep his mouth shut. EPIC comment fail (unless he can prove it is actually DUCK tape)

    5. the same people who claim unless he can prove it’s “duck” tape his comments are fail need to remember the flip side.
      Unless you can prove it’s NOT “Duck” tape, your comments are just as dumb as his is alleged to be.

  1. that car looks new. they just did that to get their picture on websites like this one. they duct taped over their intact mirror. fucking losers.

    1. 1. what damage? glare and reflections do not count as damage.
      2. a brand new car can still suffer a broken mirror, there’s a lot of idiots with shopping carts in wal-mart parking lots.
      3. the real fail will be when they finally peel off the tape to get it fixed and find out that duct tape adhesive ruins vehicle paint.

  2. Maybe this is me talking nonsense, but it seems like Google isn’t a company run strictly by the top and they seem to be doing quite well.

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