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  1. I dunno if this is really a fail, would you wanna find out what would happen if a bullet ended up in the dryer?

    1. yes that would be very good to mention just in case there might be bullets, the sign should even say ESPECIALLY not bullets!!!

    1. why the fuck do pincher bugs pinch for no reason?! O_o
      lmao I figured while we were asking wierd questions…..

  2. I used to live in the ghetto. This sign makes complete sense at the laundromat. Who do you think goes there? People that have money or gangsters that gotta make sure their colors are looking clean?

  3. umm, when shooting .22lr its quite easy to leave a few rounds in your pocket, Ive done it a few times, usually they come out int he wash and stick in the holes in the washer tub… Hope one never makes it to the dryer…

    1. geez, Fake. don’t you know anything about ammunition? bullet + casing + powder + primer = cartridge. or did you think he meant “clip” or “magazine”? i learned this in grade school. you must not be from the US.

  4. Cartridge fail! Not all guns have cartridges, numnuts. Besides, spare cartridges cost money (and take up a lot of space to carry around). Plus, sometimes a round or two can come out when you carry a cartridge in your pocket.

    1. A cartridge, also called a round, packages the bullet, gunpowder and primer into a single metallic case precisely made to fit the firing chamber of a firearm.

      What you are trying to call a cartridge is the clip (which not all firearms have).

  5. Bullets are heavy. Thats like throwing ball bearing in the dryer. You dont really have to worry about them going off, its going to scratch and dent the inside.

    1. Nope, I live in the southern US, I have literally seen an updated version of this sign, it really says bullets…

  6. So if this is a fail… who is it exactly that thinks leaving bullets in your clothes in the laudromat is a *good* idea?

  7. ah hem. are you all stupid? a washed bullet wont go off in the dryer. actually, let me rephrase that. even a non-washed bullet will not go off in a dryer.

  8. I have actually taken bullets out of my pockets before washing my jeans. i can just imagine a tumble dry setting off a round so it is a good warning

  9. A bullet CANNOT go off under any circumstances. You disarmed Europeans really need to learn the difference between a bullet and a cartridge. Good thing for the second amendment, otherwise we’d be like…Europe.

    1. you american’s are so dumb its unreal…you realy dont understand about anything outside of your land do you…we ARE allowd guns in Europe we choose not to coz a knife hurts people more…what pussy wants to kill someone instantly? we’d rather them fill it for as long as possible thank you very mutch Lloyd

    2. hell yeah MM85… im american, but i agree… if i was going to kill somone i owuld rather use a knife. Guns are for weak bitches too afraid of an ass whoopin’

    3. hey Lloyd you fucktard , take a bullet and hit the end of it with a nail and hammer… see what happens.

  10. this is posted at a soldiers laundry drop off point in Iraq. It is funny to see it the first time…then it becomes very apparent why.

  11. Its only a fail because you would only see this in the hood, and a upper class white smileing women wouldnt be doing her laundry there.

  12. Show that poster to my wife, see washing the laundry is a womans job. I’ll still have to do it myself anyway because she is terrible at it.

  13. Ok I Live in wyoming and this is not a fail by any means! If you go out shooting or hunting it is very possible that you would but bullets into your pocket so it makes sense to me

  14. It doesn’t say anything about hammers! I put 3 hammers into an old trashed dryer once for fun, it was epic! Killed the shit out of it! Haha

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