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  1. Haha, expensive mistake indeed. Bet someone got fired. I like the “eh, fuck it, put it on anyway” attitute, good work.

    1. Don’t you idiots get it?? This was done on PURPOSE! If it drives by you are going to look at it, maybe point it out to someone else, and if you ever need a mover you are going to remember “Mike’s Moving”. Very clever, if I say so myself. When you need a mover, give me a call!! Mike

  2. that’s actually a marketing strategy as bad as it sounds. people put signs upside down like that to get you to read them

    1. Very smart marketing too.. look how much exposure by doing something simple like that attracts, plus people talk about it. It gets attention to seperate them from the competition

    1. No it isn’t dumbass. This is a moving company out of Tallahassee, Fl. Half of their trucks are like this.

  3. out of tallahassee fl he has several eye catching trucks including a moooving truck painted like a black and white cow

    1. Yes, FAIL IN FAIL, there are different colored cows. Maybe if you got out of your house once in a while you would know that. Completely right, charles, I lived in Tally for 23 years, they also started to do zebra designs, but stopped shortly after…

    1. Damn Myles, what a coincidence. Born and raised there myself. Went to Wakulla High for 3 years and Rickards for my senior year. I got the hell out of that place though, way too fucked.

  4. i dont think its a fail at all.
    like Conq said, its a marketing tactic to make you look at it and laugh, and you most likely remember the name of the company after 🙂

  5. I actually work for this company. Yes it’s for attention. Works pretty well, apparently haha. We get calls all the time..”Mind if I ask you, I’ve always wanted to know, why are they upside down?”..Me: “What?” Them: “The trucks, I’ve always wanted to know” haha.

    Yeah we have a “CowUnit” that is a cow colored “Mooving” truck.
    A zebra “Hakuna Matata” haha.

    I lol’d when my friend showed me this got put on here.

  6. I’d love to see what happens when a distracted driver tries to read this and the driver’s in the wrong lane and a semi’s coming and the driver only looks back long enough to shout, “OH SHIT!”

  7. A fail this is not. If you actually look at it from a marketing standpoint, it’s pretty brilliant. When you’re driving down the highway and you see a truck with it’s print upside down, after laughing for a second you start reading it. And you have to concentrate. Congratulations, you’ve just remembered “Mikes’ Moving” and stored it in the back of your head. Next time you look up movers, it’ll come up as something familiar. People like familiar. long term win.

  8. Madmax, the reason IS so you see them. Remember, you have spent a great deal of time thinking about those trucks. Epic WIN.

  9. This isn’t a fail at all. They do things like this so you take the time to TRY to read it. It’s not hard to read or interpret, just takes a bit more concentration to do it, and in turn, you’ll likely remember seeing it and/or take photos like this one and tell people about it.

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