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  1. I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are not right. I am assured. I can prove it. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.

    1. bitch don’t you talk about muslims like that. if you insist they’re stupid, that means you’ve never met one and it means that YOU’RE the one whos stupid.

    2. guys. Neither is stupid. Though I’m a Christian, you can’t go and be stereotypical about everyone! Christians, isn’t the whole purpose of the church supposed to be about being friends to our community? If you “Christ-Followers” badmouth other people, how can you say you’re what you think you are? It’s shameful and disgraceful.

    3. Does that thief look like a muslim?
      I think he looks like a American ‘cos he’s just fat guy with a baseball cap

    4. you all fail because its a right hand drive, which most likely means its in west europe, east asia, or the carribean

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