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    1. ur comment doesn’t make sense, comment fail, lol
      as about the switch … people who did it will burn in hell >:D

    2. It is a fail because the person said “maybe” instead of “may be”. So fail to the two comments above me. Learn to read.

    3. Lindsey remove your head from your uterus he said nothing about the spelling. Learn to comprehend and read. Fucktard

    4. He’s Christian and he said he “can’t help resisting that” implying he can’t resist Jesus hard cock. He is definitely a fucking fail. Fail for being Christian, and fail for being a fag.

      Poison117 it’s spelled sense, not scense you fucking douche bag. Fail for being a stupid uneducated american.


    1. Wait. how are they ignorant? Maybe you are ignorant for not seeing this funny like anyone else? Maybe you are ignorant for not seeing our veiws of humor? Before you use the word “ignorant” again please learn just exactly what it means.

    2. calm down dude. perhaps lexi is implying that the creators of this, um, product are ignorant because they dont know what it looks like

    1. Well if you had the slightest bit of intelligence. It was probably a religious person who made it in the first place and they don’t make the light switch. They in fact just make the cover, the owner of the home or room puts the cover on the light switch. How dare you be unintelligent on!

    2. yeah cortni you fuckin cultist. If there was a jesus, he was probably a gay black man anyway. And he would have probably been addicted to meth.

    3. There was a jesus he was an arabic male. who walked around preaching peace and to love thy neighbor and to overthrow the shackles of oppression. There are references to him through out history in many religious ,not just christian mind you, and historical texts. Only the christians view him as a messiah or prophet though. But he was just a man who made friends with the beggers, the leppers, the sick the poor. In short he was a kind man who cared not for the position an individual found themselves nor for the character of their heart. It would bode all you christians well to study your messiahs history instead of the religious text compiled together for the first time 800 years after his death. Then instead of following those in the same shoes you now fill, except for the 1200 year difference, you can form your own opinions on the matter and decide whether or not he is worthy of divinity.

    1. Sorry but, noone asked if it was horrible. This is epic Either you laugh or troll like the other faggots – Daniel-

    2. hey stfu, STFU almost evryone else thinks its fuking hi-larious so go buy a sense of humor you stupid religiuos person

    3. Yes it is funny you fuckin dummy. Jesus is a myth. And if he was real, he would probably hate religious assholes.

  1. I hope to high heaven thats not a remote operated switch.
    And look at the quote on it “honour thy mother and father”… Uhhh, do you really think they honoured thy mother and father with this product? Only if they were an athiest with a sense of humour. When did they start making lord light switches? Obviously bible sales are down 😉

  2. I feel like crying….you people are horrible. I know this pic was posted for laughs, but this is no laughing matter to Christ Followers and you know that! You keep saying that if Jesus, THE SON OF GOD, mind you, was real, he would be either gay or hateful with religion….Are you for real? If the Son of God was real, HE WOULD ACT LIKE GOD!!!

    1. I agree with you completely Blake. The comments on this page made me drop my jaw as I got increasingly offended the more I read. Laugh or don’t laugh at the pic but you don’t need to go to such extremes to make Christian followers so uncomfortable. We aren’t preaching to you on this screen. Most of the Christians even said they thought it was funny. So please stop insulting us and what we believe. Thank you. ~Krystina

  3. Alright kids today instead of crackers for communion your going to put this in your mouth instead lmao and people want to know why the priests are petofiles i bet the all the priests have this very lightswitch wow i wonder if the person who invented this one is athiest

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