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    1. I think this fail is more along the lines of “Teacher Fail” I mean where were they?

  1. uhh, not only dry and clean your casts, but PRE-HEAT THEM, that was rapid expansion that caused the molten metal to react. FOOLZ!

  2. I think these idiots that dont pre-heat their molds need to stick to getting a degree in cheese sandwich making. I would hang that diploma proudly over the counter of any Subway or Quiznos. Leave ‘science’ to the grown ups.

  3. i love the clanking noise from when he hits the mold..>w<
    im like..*clank*..rewind..*clank*..rewind..*clank*..rewind..xD

  4. It looks like they mixed two metals that don’t get along. There was a metal warehouse near a feedmill I used to work at and one night it exploded. Somehow a sheet of some metal landed into a bin of another metal and that caused a fucking massive explosion that shook the building I was in 3/4 of a mile away.

  5. They were pouring liquid metal( VERY HOT obviously) into something that was also metal, but obviously not hot at all, probably room temperature. So, when you mix something that is over 1000* with something only 72*, it’s not gonna go well. Melting point of aluminum 1220.58. I don’t think that mold they were pouring it into was that hot. You can’t do that with metals.

  6. it was molten metal.there was probably a drop or two of water or condensation in the receptacle. any time that happens….it go boom.they do not mix. like water and vinegar.

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