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    1. Yeah, sorry, first thing that came to mind.

      I hope the guy’s okay, in all seriousness. What gets me is how nonchalant they seemed about it – like it’s happened before. Heh.

    2. Nope, Yellows can drive for Shit, I go to this JAP store where I live and they always bumper to bumper each other, LOL!!!

  1. Why do you actually film this in the first place? To enjoy it later? Or does the filmer like to see people suffer?

  2. Examiners note: Looks like collapsed sternum…compound fractured collarbone…internal hemorrhaging of the left injuries below the wais-…uh…one mangled right foot…broken right ankle…spiral fracture in fibia…dislocated hip…

  3. This is in Taiwan, and the story is that this was a drunk driver who was running from the police and got caught. I think it was just a passer-by who wanted to film it and got more than he expected.

    What’s even more funny is that people were interviewed later and asked what they thought, and one old lady said, “Serves him right!”

    1. if it was a drunk driver he`d better run over his damn legs..fuck drunk drivers! fucking killers! this was funny though!

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