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  1. What’s especially funny is that there’s more results for
    “terrified of chinese people” than “terrified of the dentist”.

    1. how about the fact that there’s more pgs for “terrified of myspace” than there are for chinese people? lol

    1. okkkkkk, peanutpenis…… really dude? WTF are you talking about?

      *** great name by the way…. it suits you.

  2. No man, they scary when they in numbers. Frikken jump outa nowhere like white rice on a paper plate in a snowstorm!!!

  3. LOL, it’s true.. I typed in I’m terri…and got in order
    1:I’m terrified
    2:I’m terrified of Chinese people
    3:I’m terribly afraid of Chinese people
    4:I’m terrified of being poor
    and last perhaps the most innocent lol
    5: I’m terrified of driving.
    LMBO I would have at least expected I’m terrified of clowns to pop up top right?

  4. I’ve ha worse, I typed “Why are.” And it came up “Why are black people so ugly?” and “Why are Michale Jackson’s kids white?” O.o

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