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  1. Doesnt the ‘Rape’ mean Fish?
    ‘Cause when I was on holiday in spain they were selling this for dinner in the hotel
    Brought up a nice conversation at the dinner table 🙂

    1. Yes, I can tell that.
      I can understand That the coicidence is pretty embarrassing, but there is a species of fish that is called Rape in spanish, but it’s spelled Rap-e (the e sounds like in the word “step” or “help”)

  2. it’s a type of food in japan I think it’s fish aswel but could be veggies too >_>
    still, funny as shit… yummy spicy marinated rape I feel that urge again…

  3. Hey Rape is a kind of fish, just the spanish name for those of the genus “Lophius”, I don’t really think that’s an Epic Fail, just language ignorance fail… but yeah sounds funny

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