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  1. I laughed my ass offfffff!!!!!
    Cue the idiotic bad grammar.
    Ma baby aint gawt hur perd sense he\she gawt preggoh.

  2. It should be in the interest of the WHOLE human race, that he be taken out of the gene pool.. ANY gene pool !!

  3. Reading posts like that make me weep for the future of humanity. Honestly, if you’re going to post something for the world to see, and expect it to be taken seriously, you might want to consider running your question through a grammar/spell-check.

  4. i love how it was chosen as best answer…and given an askers rating of 5 stars with the comment of “hokay”…he must be a “ra-tard” to quote zach from the hangover

  5. since the dawn of time, it has been proven that you dont need to have a brain to make a baby. congratulations, your penis works and you know how to turn on a computer…

  6. clearly the question wasn’t serious since the asker gave that response 5 stars and said “hokay”!
    Funny as crap, even as a prank question.

  7. She’s suppose to have a period during pregnancy. don’t try to questions me. im the smartest guy in the world. and girls dont count cus they dont have rights.

  8. I would say maybe he (or she) read that twilight series…..BUT, it doesn’t look like either of them read often….so fail on me!!

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