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    1. dudes, left/right means nothing in your amurca

      You guys argue about left/right, patriotism and socialism, namecalling eachother etc etc

      But your both beeing fucked by the same elite ….. so, maybe , just MAYBE, you should stop fighting imaginary terrorists and wake the fudge up

  1. “Me?”

    …No, KC and the Sunshine Band. >.>’

    You would think if it was your job to report things that you would make sure you had actual information to report before stepping in front of the camera.

    1. You would think…but FoxNews DOESN’T think. They just say whatever the hell they want, and hope that some retard out there will buy it.

    2. The floor director and the producers were messed that day.. stuff like that isn’t meant to be heard by viewers or other “talking heads” – which is what most of them were.

      Hello – you’re there live and you can’t think of two words to put together about your story without a script?

      Yeah, bottom left indeed.

  2. Just one big epic fail after another lmfao. I thought it was just the first, then it happened again, and again.

  3. You idiots blaming Fox…you are so fucking brainwashed, you morons.

    Shall I bring up the fake Bush dodge-drafting letter from 1967 but it was really made on a Macbook 35 years later?

    Besides, you guys are REALLY fucking dumb if you think Fox news is right-wing at ALL.

    JP is epic fail, Sal is fail, fuck you all, stupid idiots sucking keith overbite’s cock all day.

  4. This isn’t a fail. This is Fox News on a GOOD day, because they typically don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, until they decide to conveniently spread propaganda as a lap dog of the federal government.

  5. so i am just wondering when they started the show, did they even know what they were going to talk about! how could you be more stupid, these idiotic morons are unprepared basterds.

  6. I think I will be the voice of civility and reason here and say that perhaps we have all forgotten that everyone is human and make mistakes. Fox isn’t perfect, but neither is CNN or MSNBC. I try to watch more than one chanel so I can decide for myself who is more acurate. Most times it is somewhere in the middle… in this case neither left or right is telling the real truth. Stop taking sides between left and right and take more time to actively seek the truth through conversation….not petty bickering and name-calling. Divided we fall.

    1. Agreed 🙂 I love epic fail, it makes me laugh all the time. But people really need to get over themselves and the left/right.

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