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    1. KGB you are from america for 100% russians drink vodka less than americans u damass. thear no bears with vodka playeng on balalaika… moran

  1. Wow, that is actually a baby aisle that has been filled with liquor. But why? It’s obviously a Rite-Aid or CVS, and I have worked at Rite-Aid. I have never seen a pharmacy store sell alcoholic beverages. Perhaps this is photoshopped?

    1. it’s CVS. and they do sell beer and cheap wine, but no hard stuff.
      although i’ve never seen a CVS with such a vast beer selection…
      this is probably by Mexico.

  2. Keep the little fuckers sloshed till they’re old enough to get a job. Then you don’t have to listen to all the “I want the latest expensive shit that all the other kids have” crap.

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