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    1. yeah, ur rite, maybe u should go hop into that picture and get freaky wit him, hed prbly like that

  1. well he is an ugly fuck… but then again so m i n i wouldnt be standing back i would have got right in there like wtf man

    1. WIN! lmao! i did the same thing
      although for the asian chicky i prolly woulda swooped in so i could a titty touch like that guy :p

    2. naw, i wood be in ther on that asian chick, id let her touch my eggroll if u know wut im talkin about

    1. i dont think you would. in fact i think you still live with you’r mum and the last time you had any phisical contact with a women was when your mum tucked you in

    2. the most personal contact he has ever gotten is when the doctor says turn your head and cough.

      Did you also forget the other parenthasis on purpose?

    2. @Epic: It is parenthesis. Or parentheses (pl). The guy before you committed a typo. You, sir, are just a hick.

      Wow! It seems as though all the people posting comments on a ‘fail’ are dumber than the one before.

  2. Well when you think about it.. he was shit out of luck either way. Go solo, or with the gay guy in the bottom right.

    1. Strangely you seem right. He is just thinking… “Damn, i should take a pic for masturbating tonight”

    1. there’s always an everlasting moron that always said ” that’s photoshop”. go photoshop yourself!!!!!!!!!!

    2. somone with time on thier hands needs to make a “Photoshop-Conspiracy” picture for me… like the fuckin pedo bear pic, so i can post that shit whenever i see some asshole saying a pic of a dog with a dildo in its mouth is photoshopped lol, somone pls make me one, im a lazy fuck. 🙂

  3. who’s the loser really? the guy in the back chilling or the jackass in the right having to shove his way to the front to get in the picture. Or…the douche who’s actually paying more attention to the camera than to the three girls in front of him. You do the math.

  4. I would be the guy on the wall. I’m too shy. But the douche in the red is the fail.

    Bro’s before hoes. At least share the wealth and send a chick his way. Dam.

  5. Wow. This is not acceptable.
    The guy’s grabbing the Mexigirl’s tit, and the Asian girl is making out with the white girl’s face. o.o
    Their babies will be MexiAsian crackers…

  6. I think the guy on the bottom is the fail, he wants action and isnt getting any. the other guy, is just walking into this disaster, it looks like, like “dude, i just walked out for a cig, wtf”

  7. hi this is a mess up thing when all these ladies give all
    the action to a few guys and treat the other guy like he is not at all around. ladies are not nice at all and mean

    1. just going through your first break up kid? well get over it the sooner you realize all women are fucking crazy and nothing they do makes sense the better off you will be.

  8. The dude in the bottom right corner is the one that is making me laugh the most. its like “Yea there may be 4 girls on him, but look where Im coming in at.”

  9. So because the in left is standing back there it`s an attention fail? bullshit, i guess there are more people in the room that you don`t see from this view, and let`s face it this whole picture is cut..i bet you see more people just standing in the back in the right side.

  10. This’ll be really funny in a couple years when the guy in the back has a really hot wife and the douche in the front will be broken and alone.

  11. You guys are missing the real scene. This is just an instant frozen in time. What you don’t see next is the fact that the guy on the left actually has his man meat already out flopping around, and a big ass kitchen knife in his left hand. You see, unbeknownst to all, that guy is named “Killer Bosephus”, and his M.O. is sneaking into frat parties and slaughtering any groups of people that appear as though they are about to have an orgy. Then of course he makes love to all left over body parts, with available orifices, and then cries himself into a deep sleep.

  12. Being honest that guy in the left is cuter than the two idiots in the group. He’s not fine but hes not as ugly. Maybe those girls are too drunk to notice.. they went to bed with a 10 and woke up with a 2.

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