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  1. i agree with xketch, there was nothing that goalie could have done, the ball was entering at an angle and height that appears to be physically impossible for this particular goalie to have reached. nice goal though

  2. I have never seen a website dedicated to something be so wrong that was an amazing goal. The goalie is too short and can’t get their weight up. All those “fail” votes are void.

  3. not a goalie fail just a great shot. unless the goalies height is fail. shot like that + short goalie = 1 point for the other team.

  4. gene inheritance fail lmao golies should b able 2 touch the crossbar at least but still epic win 4 that goal that couldnt possibly have been located any better

  5. i play football(soccer 4 Americans :P) n im a goalie, even tho it came at a bad angle he still could have saved it, it was an amazing goal tho.

  6. um chris, have u ever played soccer? u are a fail at everything u do probably or u got ur ass handed to u in a soccer game. thats y u say its gay. and even though it was a good shot, most goalies would save that or at least touch it over the bar. he just sucks

  7. this is as epic as it gets … that keeper probably gave up sports after the match … only if his teammates didn’t kill him first

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