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  1. hunnie today i will teach you about electric fences and why you should not hold them. remember tomorrow were staying home to teach you about the oven before dinner mom says were having baby back ribs.

  2. It has to be fake, because the baby is gripping in the wire and she looks just fine to me. The guy that posted the picture is a common sense fail for not thinking before uploading.

  3. is fake. its not really an electric fence. we have *real* electric fences on my property. if you look at the post (visible behind the man’s back) it lacks the insulators. without these insulators the fence is grounded through the poles and conducts the electricity into the ground, making it harmless and useless.

  4. there is one fence similar to this one in my hometown with an electic sign hanging and it really isn’t electirified, it is meant to keep the scaridy cats away

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