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  1. whether it broke down or not its still funny they should photo shop a pink or yellow ticket on the window for more epic-ness

    1. congratulations Ashley! but educating america, especially when it comes to spelling words with french origins is about as useful as a chocolate fireplace, “malzziy” you’re a ‘douchebag’ (spelt corretly), and what the fuck is ‘yall’. The american accent doesnt stand a chance amongst intellectuals with colloquialisms like this, it sounds like you’ve all got speach impediments!!

    2. Hmm… let’s see… Congratulations + But + America + correctly + doesn’t + speech = englishtory FAIL

    1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but Can I fuck ON you? That sounds like an interesting place to be… as long as you stay still. Can’t be sliding off, hurting myself now.


    the car is NOT STRAPPED DOWN. this type of tow rig is supposed to have straps goin over the tires, securing it to the tow truck. as soon as that tow truck hits a big enough bump, the cop car goes flying off (which, that last part could be a potential win).

    1. Hey stupid shit,in the big cities they don’t have time to strap down cars if the impound lot is just down the road,get your shit straight,before you become the bitch that I hate!

    2. wrong its a dept of transportation federal law tires must be strapped.. when the transmission freezes and the rear wheels lock up,,, oh yeah its coming out..

    3. Yea 419…They are going to “impound” a police car. Even if a cop was found with a pound of heroin in the car that he was selling to gang bangers, they would not impound a FUCKIN’ POLICE CAR, YOU STUPID SHIT! Dude, put down your crack pipe for a few days and WAKE UP!

    1. Posting under multiple names FAIL.
      You sir are no Chuck Norris! How dare you take the name of Chuck in vain!

    1. Probly better than your piece of shit country’s cops. I bet your whole country fuckin dreams of going here. Dumbass

    2. our cops drive mitubushi evos, subaru imprezas, audis, volvos, and yes the occasional ford, or vauxhall, and NO the last time i checked more people emigrate to australia and canada than the “fucking states” There are 2 bonuses…cheaper petrol and bigger meals! But the latter seems to be becoming a problem, a big FAT problem haa!! Also remind me what free health care do the states offer to cope with the rising health issues of an obese population?? i also seem to remember the yanks being ridiculed for having an AMAZING education system….wait a second, thats not right……..and then there is your uncanny ability to give under trained soldiers weapons and somehow in a sea of turbans you still shoot the british?? That better “DUMBASS”? and here is some more french for you “TOUCHE”

  3. What the f**k I’ve always said how stupid american cops are.

    for all you americans, that’s the funniest thing ive seen since 911.

  4. its a car so its gonna break down… there are still 2 fails on this picture.. ! the tire is not strapped into the saddle and its a rear wheel drive.. if you go over 5 miles like this your gonna smoke the trsansmission

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