Unwanted Tattoos Fail


People Fail


Link to news video: http://www.epicfail.com/2009/06/21/tattoo-fail-3/

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    1. Yup, thats what really happened and Im so happy about it. Fucking bitch tried to blame others for her fail.

    2. Yeah and add Lame excuse fail. “I umm fall asleep while getting my face tattoo” Yeah the tattooist used anesthetic

    3. I can tell you this much..I’ll be damned if I’d ever fall asleep with that creepy-looking fucker hanging over my head. Not with a tattoo gun in his hand, not with a joint, not even with green eggs and ham.

    1. HAHAHA! What I find interesting is where the fuck did she pull the number 56 from? Lol! Do you just wake up one day and think, “Hmmm… I think I’ll get 56 tattoos later…”? LOL! Why not maybe 50? Nice multiple of 10? Lol… 56 facial tattoos…

  1. She looks sexy with those stars. I want to paint her inside with special white goo. I also want to paint Katja’s face with the special white goo.

  2. This teenager wanted to be special and tough and decided to get some tattoos. When she came home, mom and dad probably freaked out, like any normal parent would do. So she decides to make up this story about falling asleep and getting more then she asked for.
    You tell me : how do you fall asleep when the needle is sticking in your face ?
    She wanted to be a rebel, she got a big poopoo from dad and tries to turn the tables by lying.
    But that’s just my opinion. You people decide for yourselves.

    1. the best part is the father is an thirty and something years old guy with muscles and great tattoos over his arms, so this little teen just want to get her own tattoos and be so bad. LOL her biker daddy just didnt want to see his little girl tattoed that way

  3. Just because you made an ass of your self, doesn’t mean you should do that to your customers rousian tourmaniantz.

  4. Yea she fell alseep while getting a tattoo on her cheek bone? That’s like a jack hammer naiing you in the face. This bitch did EXACTLY what she wanted.

    1. Agree… It doesn’t exactly hurt gettin a tattoo on a bone. But you’re damn sure going to feel it. No way in hell would you sleep through it. Especially being on your face with the gun in your ear!

  5. Pretty much advertises her low self esteem and that she’ll give head to any guy that’s the least bit nice to her.

  6. Actually, she was getting three stars, which is her family’s tradition. But either she fell asleep or she rebelled against her parents will, and got more than needed.

  7. Dude i don know why but for some odd reason this looks fuckin hot on her, then again tats turn me on. I agree with the guy u top about painting her interior and decks with special white soup.

  8. She did agreed to the 56 stars, to make things short, dad got pissed when he saw her so she lied and sued the tatto guy for 10000 euros. The tatto guy agreed to pay 5000 for laser removal, even though he always said she did agreed. She said that he didnt understood her English and her French, in the end she broke down and confessed she lied because her father was furious.

  9. it was on the news here in belgium all the time… They change their story all the time… she passed out, she fell asleep… the girl just tought it would be pretty, the tattoo guy said, it’s way too much, but her family which were there WITH her said he should, do what they paid him for… Now they just want to get money out of the lawsuit -_-

  10. she wishes to be like kat von d. but neither of them love or respect themselves enough to give a shit. they’re both retards for destroying their faces. i have 2 tattoo’s… big one’s… but you cant fucking see them unless i take my clothes off (left arm and right knee). what the hell is wrong with these fucking people!! yes, her dad is a drunken retard who thought it would be cool for her to do that. she is a liar. and the artist is an irresponsible idiot for going forward with the work. and if you say “money talks” you’re a fucking ass hole.

  11. how the fuck do you fall asleep getting a tattoo? and how the fuck do you mess up “3 stars” for stars lol, does he have piercings in his ears too??

  12. What the hell happened to his face? For Christ’s sake!! I mean seriously??? I hope he never has to get a real job that requires him to have an interview. Both of them…FAIL.

    1. He’s a tattoo artist, of course he has bold tattoos. Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to judge a book by it’s cover? Judgmental Asshole FAIL.

      The girl is stupid. Her story is completely ridiculous. I can’t believe she has gotten this far with it.

  13. I saw a pic of her before she got them and she was worse than dog ugly, them tattoos are such a big improvement!
    she should be great full.

  14. no i read about this , she wanted one star on the corner of her eye, and she fell asleep and they drew half her face! true fact.

  15. I got 2 tattoos and there is no way on this earth that you fall asleep doing tatoos on your face coz it wil sting more then you will be able to get use to, and the machine wil make to much of an irritating noise so you wont be able to fall asleep.

  16. i kinda believe her.she says she asked for 3 stars but she got stars in the shape of a number 3.either way ,ha ha she looks like a freak

    1. Of course anyone who has a tat knows there is no way you’re going to sleep though one, never mind 56. Straight-up bullshit.

  17. So she has no excuse for stupidity, but what about the tattoo artist? He looks like some type of creature from a grade B horror flick. WTF? Who does this shit to themselves on purpose and who looks at them and thinks, “Wow, that is so hot and sexy, can I be your girlfriend?” Do any of these people think about the future? It may seem “cool” to them now but somewhere around retirement age they may just be regretting all the body modifications.

  18. Okay umm… wow How does that guy do anything with his face? I used to have a lebrae and a tongue ring took them out when I had my son so that I would not be a bad influence, and I can tell u that shit gets in the way of a lot of stuff! How does he brush his teeth or shave I mean come on! Oh and btw I got something for the otherside of that girls face to help even everything out!!!!!

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