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    1. Actually the same thing happened to me. I was driving to work, and a 98 Lumina hit a 94 caddy that was right behind me the caddy’s rear wheels were lifted onto the Lumina’s hood, and that tilted the front of the Caddy downward. The Caddy was pushed by the impact into me, and his hood came under my rear bumper so it picked up the back wheels of my Buick. I was almost pushed into a BMW X6 in front of me.

  1. maybe a queue of them and somebody went into the back of one? i dunno theyd have to be pretty fast to lift them
    im confused

    1. People were tailgating.
      When you brake suddenly, the momentum change causes the nose of the vehicle to dip sharply. The rear end raises up a relatively equal amount. Since the momentum of the vehicle is shifting the vehicle’s center of balance forward, it’s actually pretty easy for this to happen, since the back end of the car is prone to rising up off the ground.
      This is a “Keeping-a-safe-distance-from-the-car-in-front-of-you FAIL”… maybe an Intelligence FAIL…

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