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  1. sounds like a pig… thats not enough.. but when he wanted to push remote control in his ass 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    1. lmfao on this comment after the vid. I almost cried for an hour of laughing:P (sorry for my bad english)

  2. What wrong with him? Is that scripted or what? Why is the title World of Warcraft Fail? Why is he like being possessed? Why do I have so many questions?

  3. poor kid, who would do such a thing? this is not an overreaction you people just don’t understand how poorly mistreated he is. you can take away a mans pride a pleasure, but his WoW acc? not cool

  4. how passionate… i’m trying to figure out which is more painful to think about: my WoW account getting canceled, or my remote control being shoved up my ass… Yeah the remote takes the cake… No pun intended xD

  5. my boyfriend freaks out if i tlk to him while he is playin wow and countless times freak out when he runs out of wow time. if his account got canceled i think there will b mass murder outbreaks. his computer comes before me and his car like wtf. he even buyin me a lap top so i can play too so if i have a question to ask i can do it in game and not distract him :(( complete epic fail

    1. good thing i’m not addicted to WoW.. lol don’t get me wrong, i play actively, but if i’m tired – i go to bed, if i’m hungry – i go and make dinner, and sure as shit i will not skip even a day of work to stay home and play.. the guy in this video.. just.. i’m speechless… lol

  6. LMFAO@sticking the phone up his bum!… looks like mum will be paying more for therapy than the $20/mnth on WOW… LOL!!!

  7. There are tons of videos on him flipping out over things on YouTube, his brother hides the camera and waits for the taturam to start.

    This one was by far the funniest.

  8. I know this is fake but he does seem gay, I mean he hid in a closet and tried to stick a remote up his butt. Well at least this will help him come out of the closet, oh wait he did in the video. O.o

  9. HAHAHAHAHAH!! That kid is hilarious!!!! Seems like a spoiled brat. I’ve seen his youtube vids. Freakout kidddddd

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