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    1. I guess yesterday Michael Jackson read your comment and then subsequently, because of too much shock reading it, had a heart attack and died.

  1. this is near where i live in joondalup, western australia, and the signe before that was threating to sell any unattended children into slavery..

    1. True, true… I bet they would get much better results if they just ate them raw like sushi…

    2. I see you’ve got the “I’m serious and don’t fuck around” photo up today. Another good pic.

    3. Yes, and on an empty stomach so as to get them right into the bloodstream as soon as possible.

    4. I am Freddieboy44 there. They’ve recently changed the way things operate there, and I’ve not done much on it lately, but I was thinking that if we subscribe to each other’s channel we could email one another through it and give out email addresses there. We were suggesting something like that the other night and I just wanted to run that past you.

    5. Well, I think I’m gonna get some rest (maybe)… I’m having surgery tomorrow and I don’t know if I’ll be on in the next few days. Guess it depends on how I feel… You can follow my youtube to google plus where you should be able to reach me.

    6. You too Fred! I probably will with all the pain killers and muscle relaxers I’ll be on. 😉

    7. Well, be careful, especially with all that going on.
      How do I find your youtube account?

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