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  1. Somehow I doubt it was a woman driver. 🙂

    Male drivers do just as much stupid driving yet no one says anything about them other than they were dumb… nothing is said of their gender.

    1. You can’t see the driver, so how did you derive their sex?

      Oh yes…since women can barely drive a car, there’s no way anyone would have let a woman drive the truck.

      Isabel, you’re a sexist BIATCH

    1. Yes sir, I want a triple Whppper with large fries and a large drink, oh and my truck seems to be stuck on the clearance pole… I blame you incompetence!

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t that installed for the intention of keeping trucks out?

    He must have punched a bit to get that pole in the middle of the cargo bay.

    All in all, someone JUST got fired.

    1. Welcome to Clucking Bell, today we have Hardcore Clucker menu, The XXX Clucker combo pack, Mother Cluckers, and little cluckers with toy included.

      Have a clucking good day!

  3. If you are feeling really brave though, we have our new Mexican and nun Clucker, comes with free gRape and our special sauce ;).

    Cluck you for choosing Clucking Bell, we will see you in Bell 😉

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