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    1. i have to agree. the two that can be seen are lookin right at it and smilin bout it, and its obviously the focus of the camera. completely staged.

    1. They’re not trying to keep it up with sandals. The sandals are rubber, that’s why they’re there. They were TRYING to have some sense about this. Notice the wood taped to the red cord at the edge of the pool. Rubber and wood don’t conduct electricity. They were trying not to electrocute themselves. Hence they’re not QUITE as dumb as they look. But, still, you have to be pretty idiotic to even consider trying this.

    2. epic fail for trying to defend the bright thinkers who came up with this scenario…the table can’t be NEXT to the pool why?

    3. wood is conductive? that is fascinating. would you mind backing up that claim that has very serious repercussions for the scientific community. ps, are you american by any chance?

    4. Princess, why dont you go touch a high-voltage power line with a wooden stick? Then we wouldn’t have to read your idiotic posts.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you, but British 3 pin plugs don’t look like that. They’re European but not British so you stupid Americans could at least get that right before you try and look clever. 😀

    2. Does it matter who they are or where they are from?
      Apperantly they are missing a few cards from the deck, got short changed in the smarts department. Now dont mess with USA right now we are liable to kik anyones asses!! And we have the technology.

    3. They are germans. They drink the Bitburger brand, which is the most famous german beer, ’cause it’s the sponsor of the national football team. Tastes like shit though, even worse than Miller lite or somehting like that. Can’t see how germans seem to like it, when there’s actual good beer – oh, wait i can – they’re stupid!

    4. JC, you may have the technology, but you can’t spell.

      And WE have your airplanes, so shut the fu*k up.

  1. theres no possible way that they didnt think this through… i doubt the other end is actually plugged in and its all for a funny picture…

  2. would have to be fake rcd would trip out as soon as there was a current leakage… funny though im an apprentice electrician in australia and they show us this picture at tafe when you start

  3. by the end they decided to throw in some grill stupid human for the party..! omg what on earth kind of idiots are these??????????.

    1. They seam to be German guys.
      I think the red labled Beer is called “Früh Kölsch” but I don’t know exactly how far this kind of Beer is shipped.
      Cologne (Köln) is a Town in Germany, where we always drink this verry good stuff!

      (heh… welcome to 2010!)

  4. I love it when Americans blindly insult the Brits & make themselves look stupid. YOU people are why the world is fucked up – as soon as we stopped running your Country the world got fucked up. Period. I bet people take this seriously too. I’m an American. No I’m not. I’m an asshole. Fix up – we’re all on here to HAVE FUN!!!!

  5. The cooker would have to fall in the pool to create a short. even then without them being grounded they would not get zapped..

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