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  1. I don’t think this is a fail, the activists tried their best. The real fail is the a**holes on that ship! Fish are friends, not food!!!

    1. In the end they found that there was no Tuna on board. The activists should not have tried to embark on a ship that they had no right to embark on. Usually i give credit to greenpeace for their work but in this case they got what they deserved. They did the protest for nothing.. pretty much. They should have done their research before.

    2. A-holes were doing their job, what they do to support a family, and all they do, is fish! FISH. Humans have been fishing for, I don’t know, since the dawn of civilization. Only in the past 10 years has ANYONE had a problem with the “tuna massacre”. You are just a hippie, that does not understand what life is, life’s meaning is to live, we need protein to live, fish gives us protein, problem has been solved for 1000’s of years, Hippies are unedjucated thinking they are doing good, by stoping what animals do to survive, hunt.

    3. if today people would consume and fish like the people 1000 years ago it would not be a problem. the real problem is uncontrolled industrial fishing which will end up having no fish at all on the table. You better think twice before posting immature crap. And yes i like go fishing and i want people can still enjoy go fishing in 1000 years.

    4. geez! blahblah hippie! %#@$%# hippy! sad, no one gets a finding nemo reference. lighten up, republicans

  2. That’s not fail, that’s pretty much on par for a bunch of animal rights activists. True its poor, but still.

  3. Is seeing the fish swimming happily supposed to sway me? I love fish. Kill those fuckers and serve it up!!!

  4. It’s a fail because in the beginning Greenpeace said THEY were attacked, then proceeded to board a vessel illegally wherein said vessel’s operators proceeded to whip their ass.

    Typical activist/leftist spin. FAIL.

    1. NATIONAL SOCIALISM! One and only one solution for all those FAILS that have same the same cause.

  5. I applaud the Japanese for treating these terrorists like the pirates they are.
    Illegally boarding a ship at sea can be dealt with deadly force, legally.
    More people should start using their rights against groups like Greenpeace and PETA.

  6. They should’ve done the rational world a favour and shot those self-righteous, hippie, waste of space, piece of shit activists…

  7. Activist is obviously a synonym for arrogance. If something rubs one of these self-important pinheads the wrong way they believe they have the right to impose their will on others. They don’t ever present an intelligent argument for doing so as there never actually is one outside of the fact that they simply decided they don’t like it. These people are devoid of all logic and reason and their thoughts and actions are driven primarily by emotion coupled with ignorance… which explains why they’re going to go out and vote to re-elect the most destructive, failed president this country has ever seen… because he’s black. (rolls eyes, shakes head, smokes bowl)… These people are so clueless and out-of-touch with the conception of freedom and private property rights they won’t realize how destructive their actions are until they themselves wake-up to find they have absolutely nothing.

    On the lighter side, if you want a laugh, go to youtube and watch some occupy videos. I love the ones where the occupiers are interviewed as to why they’re there and none of the idiots can come-up with an answer. I even saw one where one of the occupiers said they had actually FORMED A COMMITTEE to figure-out why in the hell they were even out there. If this is America’s future, forgive me but we’re all completely f**ked.
    – Aveles has spoken.

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