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    1. well u gyus r funny. u laugh at frenchies, but so often i see stores & restaurants named after european stuff.
      and so many americans i hear wanting to go see europe.

    2. Wow you guys fail at being douchebags esepecially pshh. It wasn’t even a diss. And what are you talking about amuuuurica partyshock, when you have people like pshh supporting you.

    3. Haha europeans watch all of our movies and use our websites. Then continue to still talk shit…

  1. they must have a censer that when they get half way it throws it in revers thats the only way it will work for fitness

  2. Definition of complete fail: having escalators because there’s no ramp and the law requires you to be wheelchair accessible. HAHA oh man, expecting paraplegics to work out? Epic fail.

    1. no, because you take more from society than you give, and because half of the stuff you buy is totally unnecessary.

    2. aaaand , because escelators for such small steps is a total waste of electricity, especially if it’s running all the time.

    3. Obviously americans leave everything on all the time while eating burgers and simultaneously drinking milkshakes, so LOGICally we leave them running at night as well.

      Maybe he doesn’t realize that our laws require places to be wheelchair accessible, and that’s probably a steep hill, and the only place to get to the door from. But WTF do i know, i’m just a dumb fat american.

  3. Tom: you should start with going down the up escalator; it’s less work.

    i like how there’s people on the escalator :p

  4. Excuse me. She got her looks from her father. He’s a plastic surgeon.
    I am from Montenegro and now study English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: “For behavior, in the short technology, one must increase the active corundum, whose absinthe was weakly measured when the way required below the curie pressure.”

    With best wishes :D, Theodore.

  5. I’ve seen this one. It is in California, one of the beach cities north of San Diego. It is at a shopping center. The biggest suite in the shopping center is the one the Gym is located in. It happens to be above an escalator. There are stairs nearby as well as other mall shops.

  6. actually…..BOTH of these are DOWN only….you walk up for 30 minutes,ride to the bottom and workout is fin for the day!

  7. “one day: going to the gym honney
    *drives to the gym*
    oh they instaled a excalator!!!
    -gets on-
    -stops by five fast food places*
    *comes home fatter*
    hey honney ready for bed 😎
    fuck no your fat

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