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    1. i think someone should give you a fail for having the audacity to actually think that “Juggalette” was a good name. and you so sophisticatedly added the 420. Nice touch dumbass. you’ve managed to let everyone know that you’re a stoner to point of retardedness that you can’t ever get back

  1. Juggalettes! WHEN WILL THE ICP FAD DIE?! But once again, thanks for showing me that anyone who listens to ICP is a total idiot.

    1. i agree. And she so sophisicatedly added the 420 on the end to be “different” hmmmm…..a stoner. who would have thought? Can you say “White Trah?”

    2. white trah.. personally i would say white trash but you knbow i am not on the site to rate other peoples comments….

    1. It’s a mythical creature that lurks in the night and eat the shit out of your ass. But don’t worry they have been said to mnot exist.

    2. Everyone dies in time. ICP fans die sooner however. On account of their habitual use of drugs and mortality figures accredited to suicide. Suicides as a product of low self-esteem. I’m giving you a…..FAIL. Asshat

  2. “Yeah I’ll take two small fries, a vanilla shake and…my wife will have the Anus Burger. Does it come with any sauce?”

    1. That’s true, I’m sure there’s a good percentage of McDonald’s patties that consists of anus. “All Beef” covers a lot of ground.

    1. not to mention, they are called that for a reason among mcdonalds employees, you eat one, you spend 3 hours on the can shitting

  3. Well then. Juggalette needs to put on some of her shit music and die slow. Heather in the mean time should work on her grammar mechanics. to “the” point of “retardation”. Yes the word “the” was missing,and Retardation is the correct word we’re looking for.

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